Single Ssahng Joel Bang Training Tips

My Favorite weapon to compete with is the single ssahng joel bang. I earned state titles and a  2015 district title. I even competed at the tournament of Champions at the 2015 World Championships in Little Rock.

At districts I placed 2nd in weapons doing the ssahng joel bang form. I remember receiving a high score but still placing 2nd. The Judges look for the smallest details which distinguishes a 1st place from a second place form.  A first place form would have smooth well defined moves done in a straight line. I noticed that looking back that the smallest details made the biggest difference. The more competitors competing with single ssahng joel bang the harder it is to get a high score. Whether you’re just learning the ssahng joel bang or practice regularly, here are my tips for competing.

  1. Make form smooth. Your strikes should flow into each other one after the other. For moves where you have to catch the weapon start slow and when you gain confidence add in speed.
  2. Make sure you’re doing full strikes: Your strikes should have some power behind them and not be so close too your body.
  3. Don’t hit yourself. Make sure the string or chain touches your thigh or ribs or you’ll be in pain. It took some pain to learn .
  4. Make sure you stay in a straight line
  5. Once you feel confident in doing the form add in speed and intensity.
  6. Record your self whether practicing or competing. Then you can see the areas where you need to improve.
  7. If you drop the weapon, pick it up correctly and carry on. Don’t look at the judges, that will make you nervous . Don’t let a dropped weapon ruin your performance, remember if the rest of your form is strong, then you still have a chance at earning a decent score.



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